Michael Clarke Jade Yarbrough
Yarbrough accused Clarke of cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards.

Former Australian player Michael Clarke is rumoured to be dating  Jade Yarbrough, Jasmine Stefanovic’s younger sister. The two met through mutual acquaintances, Karl Stefanovic and her business partner Danielle Robertson’s husband, Travy Bacon.

Earlier, he was in a relationship with Pip Edwards. The couple was seen at Rose Bay’s Sonoma Bakery. His new girlfriend turned 30 last year and is the owner of the prosperous interiors business Merci Maison.

The two will travel to Europe for a vacation. Clarke led Australia to World Cup title in 2015, which was played Down Under and in New Zealand.

The legendary player was one of the best batters during his heydays and accumulated a lot of runs in international cricket. 

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