KL Rahul said that he didn't want people to think he's not passionate about his game just because he's not expressive enough on the field.

Team India batsman KL Rahul tried to clear up a misconception about him during a press conference before the second ODI against England in Pune. He said that he didn’t want people to think he’s not passionate about his game just because he’s not expressive enough on the field.

After registering a string of low scores in the T20I series, KL Rahul stormed back to form with a brilliant half-century in the first ODI against England. He scored 62 off 43 balls to help India register a 66-run win over England in the first ODI. Speaking on the same, he said that maintaining his composure always helps him to churn out good performances.

I have always been calm, I’ve always tried to stay balanced. I have always told myself that I love this game, this game has been everything for me. Whoever I’m today is because of the game. But it is also important that you realise that you should have to treat a game as a game,” KL Rahul stated.

“That is one thing that I believe keeps you a lot calmer, it keeps you in a good frame of mind. Only if you are in a good frame of mind, you can be more consistent for the team and churn out good performances,” he said on the eve of the second ODI.

The 28-year-old further credited senior cricketers for providing him with some valuable life lessons in his early days. He also remarked that he doesn’t need to change his personality due to outside chatter. He also highlighted that he wants to continue being who he is and remain composed on the field.

“In my growing years, I kept talking to myself (about staying calm and balanced). The more I have seen the game, with more experience, I learnt better. Whenever you talk to the senior players in the team, they always tell you to remain balanced in your good days and in your bad days,” he stated.

“I’m not a person who shows it, I’m not very expressive. People think, just because I’m quiet and don’t have too many expressions, that ‘maybe he’s not passionate, maybe he’s not aggressive’. Everybody is different. Everybody’s personality is different. Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. This is who I’m, that is what I’ve always been and this is what I’ll continue to be.”

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