World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev has given a blunt opinion on Kohli's form.

Former Indian skipper Virat Kohli is going through an extended rough patch in his career. The 33-year-old, India’s third-leading run-scorer across all formats, struck a century in November 2019.

What felt like a brief jitter in his career turned out to be longer than expected and is something the player is now struggling to get out of it and find his purple patch.

Several experts have spoken about Kohli’s dip in form but have always sugar-coated their words knowing the status of his legacy and the flak they might receive from his followers.

It is a fact that the best batters of the team are tough to criticise, whereas had it been some other player who had not performed for three years, he would have been dropped by now.

World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev has given a blunt opinion on Kohli’s form.

The all-rounder stated that if players don’t score runs or perform at their expected level, they must listen to the critics and improve their game.

Speaking with Uncut, Dev urged Virat to improve his thought process and prove the critics wrong.

“I haven’t played cricket as much as Virat Kohli. But sometimes, you may not have played enough cricket, but you can look to figure things out. Either that, or we cannot criticise such great players. We have played cricket, and we understand the game, and after that, they have to improve their thought process, not ours. If you prove us wrong, we will like it. If you don’t score runs, we feel there is some fault. We see one thing, and that’s your performance. And if the performance is not there, don’t expect people to stay quiet. Your bat and your performance should speak, nothing else,” Kapil said on Uncut.

He signed off by addressing the elephant in the room. He said it pains him to see Virat going three years without a century.

“It pains me to see such a big player go through this. He is like a hero to us. We never thought we would witness a player whom we can compare to Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, and Virender Sehwag. But his performances forced us to compare, and since he hasn’t for the last two years, it is bothering me and all of us.”

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