The film 83 is one of the most awaited Bollywood movies. The film captures Team India’s journey to World Cup triumph under the leadership of Kapil Dev in 1983. Ranveer Singh is portraying the role of Kapil and Deepika Padukone is also a part of the film.

Kabir Khan, the director of the 83, has opened up on the movie. “It’s been a labour of love that we have nurtured for years. I cannot wait for everyone to finally watch that come alive on screen,” said Khan in an interview with The Indian Express.

Kapil Dev-led team has refused to watch the screening of 83. “Kapil Dev sir told us that they will all sit together as a team and watch 83 when it’s released. They have refused to see any screening,” added Khan.

Khan also revealed that he would have selected Deepika even if she was not married to Ranveer.

“I would have gone to Deepika even if she was not married to Ranveer. I have admired her over the years and she is a fantastic actor, with such an amazing presence,” concluded Kabir Khan.

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