Stuart Broad has battled asthma since the time he was born.

Stuart Broad is regarded as one of the best fast bowlers of all time. However, not many know that the England pacer has battled asthma since the time he was born. He has revealed how he used to hide his health condition during his younger days from his school friends as he was embarrassed by it.

“My asthma started from the day I was born. I probably became aware of it from the age of six or seven and fully aware of it from 12 or 13 – that’s when I fully started to actually feel like my breathing would get tight and I started to understand what asthma was.

“I think the biggest thing I suffered with, with my asthma as a teenager was I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I suppose I was a bit ashamed of having it because I didn’t want to get a judgment from my friends at school,” Stuart Broad told the PA news agency.

The 34-year-old recalled an incident when he missed school for a few weeks, and subsequently lied to his friends about why he didn’t turn up for his classes. He also gave credit to his mother, a sports teacher, who supported him to cope with his condition.

“I had an asthma attack when I was 14 and had to have two weeks off school and I just didn’t tell my friends why I was off school. I just said I wasn’t very well which now seems mad,” Broad stated.

“My mum played a huge role in it not affecting me with my activities or sport. I think it’s very easy for parents to draw their children away from doing exercise when they have asthma but I was lucky that my mum was a sports schoolteacher, so she was quite clear on how she wanted me to cope with my asthma,” he added.

Stuart Broad, who is one of just seven bowlers to have scalped 500 or more wickets in Test cricket, further revealed that he still tightens up when he goes for a run, especially in cold weather.

The Nottingham-born cricketer signed off by revealing that his mother helped him find the right balance in his workout regime, which gave him the confidence and hunger to pursue cricket as a career.

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