Nathan Lyon

England will confidently start the third day of the second Ashes 2023 Test. They are 4 down with 273 runs on the board. Ben Stokes’ team still trails Australia by 138 but Nathan Lyon’s absence is a major plus for the hosts.

Lyon suffered a calf injury and didn’t return.

Australia are waiting for the scan results, which could rule the star spinner out of series.

Former Australian team doctor Peter Brukner told the Sydney Morning Herald Lyon will almost miss the remaining matches as calf injuries take four to six weeks to heal.

“He is out of the Ashes,” Brukner said.

“I don’t think we’ll see Nathan Lyon bowling again in the Ashes 2023. It’s a disaster for Australia.

“It was a severe one from the amount of discomfort he had. It’s a major injury.

“It looks like a muscle tear of the gastrocnemius – the bulky calf muscle. That will be associated with a lot of bleeding.”