Virat Kohli in training
R Sridhar recalled Kohli's brave decision in South Africa

Contrary to MS Dhoni’s cool and calm nature, former India skipper Virat Kohli is more towards the aggressive side. Virat’s hot-headedness has helped him on most occasions, but there are a few times when his rigidness almost got him into trouble.

R Sridhar, India’s former fielding coach, in his new book, ‘Coaching Beyond’, revealed an anecdote where a rigid Virat Kohli was adamant about batting on a dangerous pitch in South Africa. Sridhar praised Kohli’s strong mentality and recalled the 2018 South Africa tour, which India eventually lost 1-2.

“During the practice sessions, most of the players were batting on the centre wicket, and the pitches beside it were unused because them being dangerous for the batter. Virat came and saw that no one was batting on the side wicket. He padded up and told me, Sanjay, and Raghu to throw balls at him.”

“We all stopped him because he could have got injured due to the pathetic nature of the wicket. He was adamant and just wanted to bat. He told Raghu to bowl at his fastest.”

Sridhar hailed Kohli’s mentality and wrote that these traits make him different from the rest. Kohli is on a break and will return for the four-Test match series against Australia.

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