Former Pakistan bowler Mohammad Sami was one of the fastest bowlers during his heydays. He has now claimed that he bowled two balls over 160kmph but the deliveries were not recorded because of the error in speed gun.

Sami had formed a lethal partnership with Shoaib Akhtar and used two bowl in the 145-150 kph mark consistently, and the pace bowling duo was a nightmare for the rivals. Talking about his fastest balls, Sami has claimed that he crossed the 160 kph barrier twice but he was told that speed gun was not functional.

“I bowled two balls more than 160kmph in a match, one was 162 and the other was 164. It was said that bowling machine was not working so the balls were not recorded,” Sami told 

Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest delivery at a speed of 161.3 kph against New Zealand in 2002. Sami played 36 Tests, 87 ODIs, and 13 T20Is. Sami’s fastest ball recorded was at a speed of 156.4 kph, which he bowled against Zimbabwe in 2003.

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