The anchor apologized to Akhtar but the former pacer has turned down the offer and asked Nauman to apologize to the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan television anchor Dr Nauman Niaz has issued an apology after his spat with former speedster Shoaib Akhtar. The two were involved in a heated argument on live TV and were given suspension orders by the management.

Niaz said that he has hurt the sentiments of a lot of people and he also labelled Akhtar as a rollicking star.

“The repercussions of my on-air outburst are totally fair. To err is human, that should not have happened and for that, I can apologize not only once but a million times. I know I hurt the sentiments of a lot of people and that includes Shoaib Akhtar, who has been a rollicking star… regardless of the fact that it was his mistake or not,” said Niaz in interaction with Rauf Klasra on YouTube.

He also revealed that he is the person who signs Shoaib Akhtar’s salary as he is the head of the channel.

“Shoaib was contracted with us [PTV Sports] on basis of exclusivity. People think that I’m just the host; they forget that I also sign his [Shoaib Akhtar] salary because I’m the head of the channel. The problem which I was facing is that we give him a retainer throughout the year and these big tournaments are the cash cows in terms of return on investment.

So we announced him [as part of the show during the World Cup] but after that Shoaib asked me for an increment in his salary or a fixed sum of money apart from his usual retainer. Later, we met the managing director and agreed on a certain figure,” said Niaz.

Niaz also said that he is ready to apologize to Akhtar

 “I don’t want to disrespect anyone. I’m ready to apologize in front of the whole nation for that inexcusable act as I consider it my duty and obligation,” concluded Niaz.

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