Ben Stokes revealed that he almost choked on a tablet and later was struck by a ball on his forearm, leading him think that it might be broken.

“Until it actually came out, I thought this might be the end,” said Stokes in his column for Daily Mirror. “I was on my own in my room and I couldn’t breathe as it became lodged and started to dissolve. It felt like my mouth was on fire.

“Without going into too much detail I have never seen as much saliva as I did on Sunday morning, it was a genuinely frightening experience.”

The 30-year old was later hit on the forearm from England batting coach and former batter Jonathan Trott.

“I couldn’t lift it… I thought it was broken,” Stokes added. “Thankfully the pain and reaction settled down once I was back in the dressing room and the physios could be sure it wasn’t actually a break.

“It was only after I got back to my hotel room that I took stock of what a day I’d had. The adrenaline had worn off and I was exhausted. Happy that I’m here to tell the tale, but hoping that my pre-Test dramas are now over.”

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