Harsha Bhogle and Rishabh Pant
Harsha Bhogle lost cool on a fan on Twitter

The world woke up this morning to several heartbreaking news, one of them being India star Rishabh Pant getting hospitalised after a horrific car crash on his way back home from Delhi.

The 25-year-old Indian star was driving back from Delhi to Roorkee, where he hit a divider and injured himself badly. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and is said to be out of danger.

The cricketing fraternity and fans took to social media to wish Pant a speedy recovery. India’s renowned sports presenter and commentator Harsha Bhogle also took to Twitter to express his pain, but fans reverted to him with derogatory remarks over which Harsha lost his cool.

Recently, an interview went viral where Pant lost his cool over Harsha Bhogle, where the latter reminded him of his underwhelming performance in white-ball cricket.

Today morning Bhogle tweeted, “Thinking about Rishabh Pant this morning and desperately hoping he is fine and recovers soon.”

A fan reminded Bhogle of his interview and reverted, “Hope u don’t ask him tough questions.”

Bhogle lost his cool and responded with a ‘Tasteless’ remark to the viewer.

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