Hardik Pandya has failed to impress in the last few months.

Hardik Pandya has failed to impress in the last few months. Since his back surgery, the Indian all-rounder has failed to regain his old touch. While Hardik was dropped from the Test team, his low scores and directionless bowling has further impacted his goodwill.

Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt feels that Pandya’s main problem is that he is very slim and his body is not able to handle the demands of fast bowling.

The veteran wants Hardik to build muscles.

“India had high hopes from Hardik Pandya, but he has been on a long layoff period. He looks very skilful when he bats. And when he was bowling before the injury, he looked very effective with a decent pace. But again, Hardik Pandya’s problem is that he is so slim, if there is extra load on his body, he will keep getting unfit.”

“He needs some muscle on his body. Skill-wise, he has a lot of capacity to become better and better. The way he bats and bowls… he has a very good bowling action. But again, his body cannot take the excess workload. That is what needs to be managed.”

Salman gave the example of Kapil Dev and Imran Khan, who were among the best all-rounders during their hey-days.

“If you compare Hardik Pandya with Kapil Dev or Imran Khan, they were far fitter than him. You can watch their YouTube videos. They were double in size, and had more muscle. I don’t know if there is any issue with Hardik Pandya’s physique. The physios and trainers must be definitely talking to him about it.”

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