Sai Sudharsan showcased exceptional skills in the IPL 2023 final against CSK. He scored an impressive 96 runs off just 47 balls. Throughout the tournament, Sudharsan stood out among emerging players, making a name for himself. He replaced the injured Kane Williamson as an Impact Player in the opening match.

Sudharsan’s performance continued to impress, achieving back-to-back half-centuries in the second and third matches of the GT. However, it was in the final where he truly excelled, dismantling CSK’s bowling attack with his outstanding innings.

After Qualifier 1, Sudharsan had the privilege of speaking with MS Dhoni and cherished the valuable advice he received.

In an interview, Sudharsan shared, “After Qualifier 1, I spoke with him for around 10 to 15 minutes. We discussed cricket and self-awareness extensively. It was extremely beneficial, and I plan to apply those insights in my future endeavors.”

Sudharsan deeply admires Dhoni’s humility and considers him the most humble person he has ever met. He acknowledges Dhoni’s willingness to engage with everyone, despite being approached by numerous individuals.

Sudharsan holds Dhoni’s ability to read the game in high regard and eagerly looks forward to learning from him in the future.