The Director of Cricket South Africa, Graeme Smith, has offered his opinion on the “double standards” of certain players after the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was postponed.

Former South African skipper stated that there were a few players who were playing in the IPL, but were sitting and not making any noise at all in spite of the alarming rate at which the COVID-19 is spreading in India.

Smith also pointed out that the same players refused to tour South Africa for a Test series citing Covid-19. He further added that it was really disappointing to see the players indulge in such behaviour that shows their double standards.

“You see some of those players sitting there at the IPL and not making any noise. Having had the experience of things here you do see some things differently, and [you see] a version of double standards. It’s disappointing,” he told Cricbuzz.

The 40-year-old added that he had spoken to the South African players and they all felt safe. He also added that the players felt that the Bio-Secure Environment (BSE) was a good experience in India.

“In no way would we judge. Having spoken to the players, they felt safe. They felt the BSE [Bio-Secure Environment] was a really good experience in India. They never felt at risk. But that’s the nature of what Covid brings,” he added.

Graeme Smith, who played 117 Tests and 197 ODIs for the Proteas and scored 9265 and 6989 runs, respectively, signed off by stating that the BSE is not foolproof, especially at a time when the pandemic is raging in India.

“Sometimes you can do whatever you want but the BSE – as we’ve said to everyone – is never foolproof. When Covid is raging in your country there’s always a risk. Unfortunately, once it gets inside it’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen,” he concluded.

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