R Ashwin
The ex-spinner criticized Ashwin's selection in the Indian ODI team for the 2023 World Cup and pointed out technical flaws

Former Indian spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan recently took to social media in a surprising rant against Ravichandran Ashwin. Criticizing Ashwin’s selection, Sivaramakrishnan pointed out a technical flaw. He urged the veteran spinner to make changes for better performance.

Image source: Twitter

As replies poured in, Sivaramakrishnan escalated his criticism, saying that Indian pitches are manipulated for Ashwin in Test matches, diminishing his wicket-taking achievements.

He wrote, “Any fool will get wickets on tampered pitches in India,”. The ex-spinner also attacked Ashwin’s fielding skills, fitness, and tendency to make excuses.

Despite the backlash, Sivaramakrishnan affirmed that his account was not hacked. A former spinner himself, Sivaramakrishnan played a significant role in India’s 1985 World Championship of Cricket victory.

Meanwhile, Ashwin, making a surprise return to the ODI team, aims for his second World Cup win. Having played only four ODIs in the last six years, he seeks to join Virat Kohli as one of the two Indians to lift the trophy twice, overcoming past ODI team exclusions.