English players are believed to be unhappy with the match fees offered by the ECB, and believe they can earn more money by playing in T20 leagues.

England’s male cricketers have turned down multi-year contracts from ECB in favor of playing in T20 leagues worldwide. The ECB’s attempt to introduce extended contracts with higher match fees to prioritize international cricket over leagues didn’t meet the players’ expectations. As a result, discussions on salaries will continue before any contracts are finalized.

The pursuit of equality has put a strain on the ECB’s finances, according to a report in The Telegraph. The decision to equalize match fees for both male and female cricketers will incur an additional cost of £1.5 million.

Additionally, the ECB allocated £2 million in funding for five charities. These are dedicated to supporting black and South Asian communities and state-educated children, further impacting their finances.

The board’s expenditures on running The Hundred men’s and women’s competitions have also contributed to their financial challenges.