Don Bradman was not a good person – Ian Chappell
The 78-year-old has lent his voice to several iconic moments

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell bid adieu to commentary after 45 years.

The 78-year-old has lent his voice to several iconic moments and created a distinctive image of himself in the commentary box.

He was straightforward as a person, who never sugar-coated his opinions.

In his latest interview, Chappell opened up on Sir Don Bradman. He teammates used to admire him as a player but not as a person.

Former Australian player turned broadcaster Bill O’Reilly had narrated one incident about Bradman.

“Bill told me that Bradman once scored 300 in a day against England, a supporter gave him 1000 pounds, which was a massive amount back then, but Bradman didn’t even bother to put 50 quid on the bar and say boys have a beer.

Ian never played with Bradman but met him in person, which wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“I loved his cricket brain, but I was unimpressed by his vindictiveness.”

Sharing an instance of vindictiveness, he revealed an instance when Bradman dropped Keith Miller in 1949 due to a disagreement with him.

“His cricketing brain would have told him to pick Miller since he was one of the best all-rounders back then. However, his vindictiveness overrode that.”

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