Kohli can get to 8,000 Test runs in the upcoming series against SA.

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell wants cricketers to come forward to save Test cricket. He stated that Test-playing countries won’t be producing good cricketers until the current generation players are groomed to play the game’s shortest format.

“The skills required to excel at Test level need to be acquired at a young age and then honed in tough competition as the player rises through the grades. This can only be achieved if enough countries have a functional development system,” Chappell wrote in his column for ‘ESPNCricinfo’.

“If this is the case then Test cricket can remain vibrant, otherwise it will wither on the vine,” Chappell wrote.

He wants players to appoint Virat Kohli as their spokesperson.

“If those skills are properly honed, a player can adapt to any length of the game – Kohli being a good example. If players truly believe Test cricket is the pinnacle then they need to agitate for a summit on the game’s future; they could do no better than appoint Kohli their spokesperson,” he further wrote.

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