Babar amassed 228 runs in 3 ODIs and played a key role in Pakistan's victory against South Africa.

Bangladesh fans and a state minister had slammed the Pakistan team for hoisting their flag during the practice session. The fans had urged the Bangladesh Cricket Board to cancel the series as no one should plant their national flags in the country.

Meanwhile, Babar Azam has spoken for the first time after the controversy. He stated that there was plenty of support for his team in Bangladesh.

“They not only support their team but they also cheer us up. Whenever we have gone out for training, the people cheer us when they see us in the bus. That is why it’s good that 50 percent of spectators have been allowed for our T20 series.”

He is in search of perfection. “I look for perfection day by day because after every match you get to learn something new and the learning process never stops. I look at every match I have played and learn from what has happened,” he added.

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