Babar Azam next 10 years
Abid Ali said that when Babar is criticized, Allah blesses him in a way that he scores runs without stopping.

Veteran Pakistan opener, Abid Ali believes that criticism brings out the best in Babar Azam. Abid believes Pakistan has a huge asset in Babar and that seeing him play is a dream.

At 28 years old, Babar Azam stands tall as one of this generation’s finest cricket talents. With a stellar average of over 50 across formats, including an impressive 58.83 in 102 ODIs, his consistency is undeniable.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, the 35-year-old remarked that criticism motivates Babar to score more runs and recalled how the skipper was once his junior.

“That’s good; Babar should be criticized. When he is criticized, Allah blesses him so that he scores without stopping. Babar has played with me and is my junior; he is now a world-class player. There are no words to express the brilliance that Allah has bestowed upon Pakistan. Babar’s batting abilities are always entertaining to watch.”

“All commentators throughout the world praise him, as do we. We can pray that Allah grants him health and that he can continue to play for Pakistan. If he fails to play in one or two matches, people begin to complain that Babar failed to perform; even those who criticize him want him to perform,” he added.

After facing widespread criticism for a disappointing performance against Afghanistan, he roared back with a resilient 53 in the following match, aiding Pakistan’s successful chase of 301 runs.