More than 50,000 people will gather for the memorial at the stadium where Warne produced some of his milestone moments.

The autopsy reports have revealed the reason behind the demise of the cricket legend. Shane Warne, aged 52, passed away on Friday in Thailand. It was initially thought that he died of a suspected heart attack while he was on holiday.

The autopsy report, as confirmed by Thai authorities, revealed that he died of natural causes.

“Today investigators received the autopsy result, in which the medical opinion is that the cause of death is natural,” deputy national police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen said, according to Channel News Asia.

“Investigators will summarize the autopsy result for prosecutors within the timeframe of the law.”

One of his friends found Warne unresponsive and tried to revive him for 20 minutes before being pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Thai police are also investigating a potential security breach involving Shane Warne’s body. A German woman entered the ambulance carrying Warne’s body and spent over half a minute. She had flowers in her hands and was accompanied by a Thai woman.

It has been reported that the woman personally knew one of the greatest spinners of all time.

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