India 2023 ODI World Cup
Arshdeep and Umran are new to the system but have shown their class.

Arshdeep Singh and Umran Malik are two budding bowlers and are likely to form the core of India’s fast bowling unit in the future.

After an impressive IPL season, Umran and Arshdeep caught the selectors’ eyes and made their international debut. However, the duo did not feature together as one had to make way for the other in the team.

In the ongoing New Zealand tour, Arshdeep and Umran made their ODI debut and started together, a possibility that the management was not keen on during the build-up to the ICC T20 World Cup.

It would be fair to say that Arshdeep has more security in the Indian set-up than Umran Malik, but the latter had a better ODI debut than the left-arm seamer, as the speedster picked up two wickets.

Arshdeep opened up on bowling alongside Umran and revealed how having the speedster at the other end is advantageous for him.

“I enjoy bowling alongside Umran. There are several benefits. One, we get well as he also cracks jokes like me and second, the batters get deceived playing 135 kmph after his 155 kmph deliveries.”

“I rely on swing, and Umran on pace. It is a good partnership. ODI is a long game. Like batting, bowling also requires a partnership. If my partner is attacking, I will be defensive and vice versa. It is a team sport.”

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