Former South African cricket captain Graeme Smith, who is now an IPL expert with JioCinema’s Insiders feed, has expressed his admiration for the Bhojpuri commentary feed, which has taken fans by storm over the past six weeks of the tournament. Smith, who is a left-handed opening batsman, was appointed South Africa’s youngest-ever captain at the age of 22 and held the position of Test captain until his retirement in 2014.

According to Smith, JioCinema’s 12-language commentary feeds, particularly Bhojpuri and Punjabi, have become massive hits because they enable the commentators to connect with people on a level that feels like home. Smith admitted that he loves the word Bhojpuri and thinks he might use it often.

Smith also spoke about the JioCinema app’s in-match features, which he found challenging to figure out, saying that it would be easier for him to chase twenty runs in the final over of a T20 match. Despite this, Smith believes that the JioCinema app is fantastic, with all its options available in one place.

In addition to Bhojpuri, JioCinema’s 12-language commentary feeds include English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi. The feeds are designed to provide an insider’s perspective on the game, with cricketing legends and IPL champions providing their commentary.

JioCinema’s Bhojpuri commentary feed has been a massive hit with fans, as it enables them to connect with the game in a language they can relate to. The feed has been praised for its authenticity and for bringing the game closer to the fans.