Former India opener Aakash Chopra recently criticized Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for their underwhelming performance in the IPL 2023.

RCB’s failure to qualify for the playoffs was attributed to their overdependence on a few key players and a lack of contributions from the rest of the team.

Chopra specifically pointed out that relying on just 4-5 players is insufficient to secure victory in tournaments, emphasizing the need for RCB to invest in Indian batsmen in the upcoming seasons.

In the last league stage match, RCB faced a devastating blow as Shubman Gill’s second consecutive century propelled the Gujarat Titans to victory, knocking RCB out of the tournament. RCB needed to win this crucial match to secure a playoff spot but fell short, allowing the Mumbai Indians to claim a spot in the top four.

This setback further extended RCB’s trophy drought, leaving their fans disappointed once again.

Chopra’s post-season review highlighted the loyal fanbase of RCB, acknowledging that despite a few toxic fans on social media platforms, the majority of their supporters are brilliant.

However, he emphasized that without investing in a more balanced team with strong Indian batters, RCB’s quest for the coveted trophy may continue to be elusive. As RCB prepares for future seasons, the challenge lies in building a team that thrives on collective performances rather than relying solely on a handful of individuals.