Former Pakistan cricketer Danish Kaneria has revealed about the match-fixing practice which was prevalent in Pakistan during his tenure. The former spinner also gave a befitting reply to Javed Miandad’s claims that Danish was trying to hog the limelight with his sensational statements and can do anything for money.

“To those who are saying I did this for cheap fame and for my Youtube channel, I want to remind them that I did not do it, Shoaib Akhtar spoke about discrimination against me on national television,” Kaneria said.

“You have cut off my hands and feet. I have not been employed for so long. What else do you want? Should I finish myself off?” Kaneria added.

He did not reveal any name but claimed that match-fixers were welcomed back into the squad.

“People are saying I played for Pakistan for 10 years. But I played for 10 years at the cost of my blood. I gave blood to the cricket pitch. I kept bowling even when my fingers bled. There are people who have sold their country and who are still welcomed in the team. I never sold my country for money,” he said.

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