Sunil Gavaskar has stated that India should play Pakistan in the World Cup and beat them rather than gifting two points.

Speaking to India Today, he completely differed from the likes of Sourav Ganguly, Mohammad Azharuddin and Harbhajan Singh, who feel Men in Blue should boycott Pakistan in the showpiece event.

According to him, dropping two points could hurt India in the World Cup.

“If India decide not to play Pakistan in the World Cup, who wins? Pakistan will get two points. We have beaten them every time in World Cups. We can play them and beat them and make sure they don’t reach the semi-finals. Not playing bilateral series vs Pakistan hurts them.

“I know India are strong enough to qualify by not playing Pakistan. Not playing bilaterally hurts them. But it’s a World Cup, it’s two points…,” Gavaskar said.

He further added that banning Pakistan from the event is not possible.

“It will not happen because the other countries have to agree. India can certainly go ahead but that is not likely to happen.

“The right forum is at the United Nations. I am not too sure the International Cricket Conference is the right forum to bring this up. We are all down with the tragedy. I am not too sure it will work because the other countries might say it’s an internal issue between two countries so please don’t involve us,” Gavaskar said.

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