Former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar feels that JSCA stadium should be renamed after MS Dhoni in a bid to give a fitting tribute to their beloved son. The Jharkhand State Cricket Association named one of the stands in Ranchi’s JSCA Stadium after MS Dhoni. The stand was inaugurated before the third ODI between India and Australia.

It was during the 46th over of the match when Sanjay Manjrekar asked Gavaskar, “Coming from a small town and leading an Indian team full of Superstars. Tendulkar, Dravid everyone played under him. MS Dhoni pavilion, what’s the stadium called?”

In reply, Gavaskar stated that JSCA should name the entire stadium after Dhoni’s name.

“Good question, now that the pavilion is named after Dhoni, the stadium can be called after some national figure I guess. I don’t know which national/international figure in Ranchi is bigger than MSD. If anything, this stadium should have been called Mahendra Singh Dhoni Stadium, not just the pavilion whole stadium should have been called MS Dhoni stadium. That would have been the ultimate tribute from Ranchi to their beloved son,” said Gavaskar.

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