With the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) all set to get underway, the excitement is building as Indian superstars will be back in action for the first time since the tour of New Zealand earlier this year. The start of IPL 2020 in the UAE is also expected to see a rise in cricket fantasy activities. Apart from watching the matches, fans would also be keen to rake in some moolah through participation in fantasy cricket contests. In this feature, we will tell you all about how to put together a great, winning Dream 11.

Select proven performers

The basic step in fantasy cricket is to create a team of eleven players by choosing cricketers from both sides taking part in a match. First and foremost you need to play safe by selecting at least 4-5 players who have a proven track record. For example, the likes of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Jasprit Bumrah, AB de Villiers are must-haves since they rarely fail to deliver. They will ensure that your team gets crucial points to stay in the winning hunt. However, since these players have higher credit points due to their capability, you need to be careful while making the selections. Otherwise, you may end up having a lopsided squad — some very good players, and some very average ones.

Go for quality all-rounders

All-rounders are jewels when it comes to fantasy leagues as well. On off days, batsmen can fail to score runs and bowlers can struggle to pick wickets. However, an all-rounder has an additional talent to fall back on in case he doesn’t perform in any one of the departments. By selecting quality all-rounders, you thus increase your probability of scoring points as the player can perform either with the bat or ball. You could also hit a jackpot of sorts in case he performs well in both departments, and in the field too.

Choose your captain and vice-captain carefully

In most fantasy leagues, the captain and vice-captain are awarded additional points. In Dream 11 and other popular fantasy leagues, the captain receives 2 times the points and the vice-captain 1.5 times the points for his performance. It is thus imperative that you choose a highly capable captain. Here again, preferably go for a high-class all-rounder for if he succeeds with both and ball, you can earn significantly more points. If not an all-rounder, the next option is to go with someone who is exceptionally consistent with either bat or ball. Remember, since the captain and vice-captain get additional rewards, make sure you utilize the same to the hilt.

Pick team according to the format

This is another crucial factor in creating a winning team. Now, since the IPL is getting underway, let’s do an analysis on the basis of the same. For the T20 format matches, it is always a sane choice to go with top-order batsmen. Considering the limited number of deliveries available, the openers and number three batsmen will face the most number of balls. So, you must prefer top-order batsmen who are in form. Similarly, in the bowling department, go for either proper bowlers or genuine all-rounders, as bits and pieces players might not earn you many points. In ODIs and Tests, middle-order stars are a safer choice owing to the length of the match.

Use your analytical skills

On paper, picking a team of 11 players seems rather simple. But, fantasy cricket is not just about picking 11 high-quality players. The more versatile player you pick, the more credit points you shell out. Thus, it is practically impossible to have 11 good players in your team. You will have to make do with two or three low-profile players. This is where your analytical and judgemental skills will come into play. Depending on the venue and conditions, you need to make the best possible adjustment as far as these underdog cricketers are concerned.

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