Shane Keith Warne, who played the crucial role in the triumph of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian premier league's inaugural edition in 2008, again and again, set an example through his awesome leadership qualities.

Here in Rajasthan, when the preparations are on for the 15th edition of IPL, the sudden and untimely demise of the great warrior Warnie has shocked thousands of his fans who feel heartbroken. Recalling the days of commencement of the Indian premier league (IPL) about 14 years back, the team named Rajasthan Royals (RRs), mostly with unknown young faces in its armory, starting as underdogs, turned the table remarkably and went on to clinch the title surprising everyone. It all happened only due to the extraordinary leadership of legendary Aussie leg spinner Shane Keith Warne. 

Shane led from the front and showed the youngsters how to combat challenges; he taught the lessons of rising to the occasion and continuously displaying brilliance on the field that the opposite teams could not easily match.

Next year again, the defending Champions were back to winning ways as the warriors of Shane Warne crushed the hope of Mumbai Indians (MIs) in a battle of nerves going down to the wire. Shane Warne once again displayed his gifted leadership qualities. In addition to his winning the man of the match, he was a delight to watch in every aspect and the moment of the game. Defending a modest total, Shane successfully mobilized his troops to push the heavy weights MI’s on the back foot in the first six overs. Warne took charge to get rid of the dangerous Sanath Jaisurya, and then in his final and the crucial over, he produced a beauty to put the brakes on Sachin Tendulkar, ultimately trapping the little master leg before. 

Indeed, this was the match’s turning point if turned the fortunes in favor of the Rajasthan Royals. In the very exact match, we saw Yusuf Pathan throwing himself out into the advertising hoardings to save the boundary, and another RR youngster almost flew in the air to pick up a blinder going in vain. These rare gestures on the field were enough to read or write the story that the flow of dynamic inspiration and the everlasting enthusiasm from the Warne was delivering the goods for Rajasthan Royals. All of a sudden, the team which was struggling earlier started looking irresistible again. Though the RRs did not win the title on that occasion and are still waiting to achieve the feat again, the spirit and grit inculcated by the leadership of Shane Warne can still be foreseen and remains the hallmark of the Rajasthan Royals in past years.

At IPL or any other cricket matches in those days, generally, we used to see the wicket keepers shouting loud from behind the stumps to boost the morale of his mates in between the deliveries but here when we watched the Royals show, it was Shane Warne who caught the eyes and dominated the scenario. Blessing the Royals outfit with his presence, Warne got involved in plenty of actions, but undoubtedly the performance as the leader was the greatest thing to watch.

Shane Keith Warne, who played the crucial role in the triumph of Rajasthan Royals in the Indian premier league’s inaugural edition in 2008, again and again, set an example through his awesome leadership qualities in IPL two and followed by his role as a mentor in forthcoming editions. Rajasthan Royals were not considered favorites in the first IPL edition, nor were they in the following editions, but only because of the presence of Shane Warne in and around it hogged to the limelight. In those beautiful cricketing days under the aegis of Warne, the manner in which Rajasthan Royals got the better of high-profile teams was illustrious. 

Shane Warne symbolized the image of a rare leader who contributed to the crunch situation, boosted new energy in his mates, overpowered the opposition with his tactical blows & was ever willing to perform his best to prevail over the challenges. Shane could handle the pressure situations with ease, but he also got the best out of teammates with his inspiring presence. His strategies & maneuverings on the fields were remarkable. He had his homework regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals. Almost after every delivery, he moved towards his bowlers, and his pat on the back made them the most formidable competitors in the business.

Shane, who got through the defenses of batting maestros of world cricket at will in a career spanning over half a decade, ruled the roost & displayed his cricketing brilliance. Whenever he rolled his fingers over the leather, it produced miracles & he went on to grab more than a thousand wickets in test and one-day internationals.

Wearing the green cap, Warne created history for the Kangaroos with his achievements on all kinds of surfaces. 

He showed his all-round abilities with valuable contributions from the bat also. Shane also had few chances to lead the Australian side, but due to the players like Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor, and Ricky Ponting in that era, he couldn’t emerge or establish himself as captain. International cricket saw him hanging his boots without considerable achievements as a captain. He departed with his leadership potential left unfired. Thanks to the IPL! His flawless leadership graced the cricketing world. That was a glorious experience to see him teaching the youngsters how to get going when going gets tough. Watching the maestro perform as a superior leader at IPL was a rare delight. RIP Warnie.

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