Glenn Maxwell has predicted Mumbai Indians' win after Delhi Capitals scored 159 in their innings.

Big Show Glenn Maxwell has made a wonderful start to IPL 2021. In the three matches that he has played so far, he has excelled rather wonderfully well. After starting off with 39 against Mumbai Indians, he has gone on to smash 59 and 78 against Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders respectively. When RCB had purchased Maxwell for a bigger price than last season, despite his flop show at Punjab Kings, they were brutally trolled by many. But both Maxwell and RCB have shut the critics for now. So, what has been different about Maxwell in IPL 2021 so far? We list out five reasons.

1. There has been a method to his madness

The one constant criticism of Maxwell over the years is that he has constantly got out playing rash shots, often without getting his eye in. And, this is absolutely a fact. On many occasions in the past, he has thrown his wicket away playing atrocious strokes. This season though that hasn’t been the case so far. There has been a method to his madness and much better clarity of thought. While he has continued playing his switch-hits and lofted strokes, he has been particular about choosing the deliveries he wants to hit. The modified gameplan has certainly worked in Maxwell and RCB’s favour.

2. Stability in his batting order

This, in a sense, is an extension of the first point. While it is true that Maxwell has been utterly disappointing in the recent franchises he has played for in the IPL, it is equally a fact that teams too have not utilized his talents properly. He has mostly been shunted up and down the order. It was expected that he would fire coming in at any position. This lack of clarity about his batting position clearly seemed to be affecting him. On most occasions, he was just coming in and throwing his bat around, and getting out. At RCB, his role seems to be defined and he looks comfortable in it.

3. He seems to have learnt from experience and matured

The man himself seems to have learnt from experience and matured. There has been an air of calmness around him in IPL 2021 so far. Maxwell is very much aware that he has under-performed in recent years and is making a concerned effort to make up for lost time. The maturity has reflected in his batting, and has stemmed from his past experiences, playing both in the IPL and for Australia. They say failure is the greatest teacher. This is as true for Maxwell as it is for the others.

4. Not being the marquee player in the team has helped

In most IPL franchises that he has played over the years, Maxwell has been the superstar cricketer. He has been expected to perform incredible feats with the bat. Of course, he is eminently capable of the same, which we have seen in this edition so far. But the constant expectations and all the eyes being on him had clearly pressurized Maxwell into crumbling. At RCB, that is not the case. AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli are the big names in the side. And Maxwell has nonchalantly slipped in between the two, enjoying the role of not being the marquee player in the side.

5. He just seems comfortable in the RCB set up

This is more of a psychological factor. Unlike some of the past franchises, Maxwell is looking a lot more at ease in the RCB set up. Of course, the fact RCB are on a winning streak and Maxwell himself has been in great form has made matters easier. It works both ways. But, for some reason, Maxwell has looked much more at home playing for RCB as compared to turning out for other franchises. What RCB have done differently, if at all, is something only Maxwell will be able to answer.

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