Michael Clarke’s commentary replacements for the India-Australia Test series
Clarke was removed from the panel after a fight with his girlfriend over cheating claims.

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke has landed in fresh trouble as his girlfriend accused him of infidelity. A video has been doing rounds on the internet where Clarke’s girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, can be seen slapping a shirtless Clarke multiple times.

According to reports, Clarke’s girlfriend accused the former Aussie skipper of sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards, which led to a massive public altercation.

Jade saw Clarke’s messages to his ex-girlfriend on December 17. The fight broke out when the duo was dining at a beachside restaurant in Noosa on January 10.

A video surfaced on the internet late Wednesday night, where the on-lookers recorded videos of Jade slapping Clarke while the latter denied all the allegations against him.

In the video, Clarke can be seen taking his seven-year-old daughter’s name to make Jade believe that he has done nothing wrong, but an angry Jade was in no mood for a talk.

 ‘ I swear on my life., It’s not true. I swear on my daughter’s life,’ said Clarke.

It is not the first time Clarke is witnessing a tough time in his personal life. Earlier, Clarke hogged headlines for his divorce from Kyly Clarke in 2019, which saw Clarke reportedly pay her 300 crores compensation fee, one of the most expensive divorces in cricket.

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