Like every profession; cricketers too have a retirement age from the game. However, the ambassadors of the gentlemen’s game have developed a tendency of coming back to the sport they love the most. After calling off their playing days, many cricketers are taking up coaching jobs at various levels and some have even opened their own cricket academies. However, the most novel way is to get back as a commentator. Cricket commentators still remain engaged to the game in its highest levels and infuse a different level of interest among millions of listeners and viewers. This transition from inside the field to outside is smooth for some cricketers as they have a thorough knowledge of the game and are able to judge situations as they have been in the thick and thin of all of it. Many cricketers of yesteryears have become successful commentators and watching a game with their running commentary is an enthralling experience. In addition to having a thorough knowledge about a game, a commentator must have a pleasant voice, a clear diction, clarity of thoughts, and an ability to generate excitement among audience. This article is about the current players who could become top commentators once they retire from cricket.

MS Dhoni

The Indian captain has improved his communication skills over the years and doesn’t hesitate from keeping his point of view in front of the world. He defended Ravindra Jadeja in a controversy related to James Anderson which showed his strong character. This is what is required if one has to be successful as a commentator. MS Dhoni still needs to work on his pronunciation but that’s ok if he is willing to learn in this field. He has handled tense situations with mere perfection in his glorious career and this could also help him in the commentary box if a match has a close finish. Dhoni will have to avoid any lucrative offer from the BCCI as the Indian board has a tendency of restricting commentator’s free thinking. Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar are the perfect examples of BCCI’s autocratic policy.

AB de Villiers

The South African maestro is arguably the best reader of the game when it comes to all the three formats. He has got a vast experience and his position in the commentary box could prove beneficial for the upcoming cricketers. I know his voice quality is not that great but he can cover that up with his edginess and shrewd brain power. Moreover, he is famous for using his brain rather than heart which is a must to be successful in this field. The best thing about AB is that he likes to be free in whatever he does and if he takes up commentary, the world would see his other side of the personality.

Dwayne Bravo

The West Indian players are god gifted when it comes to heavy voices. Ian Bishop and Michael Holding are the two leading commentators from the Caribbean Island at the moment. I believe Dwayne Bravo, the current ODI captain from this part of the world, could become one of the best in commentary. Apart from a good knowledge of the game, he has impressive voice which is pleasing to ears. The flamboyance in his personality is an added advantage, which is enough to make even the dullest of the environment cheerful and interesting. Bravo is a master of new and innovative dance moves and could certainly show some from the commentary box.

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