Giving captaincy of both ODIs and T20Is to Babar Azam was not welcomed by many former cricketers. However, South African spin stalwart, Imran Tahir feels that Babar is the right person to lead Pakistan right now and could well turn out to be a game-changer for Pakistan cricket with his young team.

“The players are all young in this team and it is being led by a young captain in Babar as well. He himself is one of the best men in world cricket right now. The energy of young players is unmatched. They push hard and put in a lot of effort.

My guts and experience tell me that this team would do great in the world in the coming days. However, I would also advise them, not to break when pushed against the wall that is actually the real test of a team. I wish Babar all the best,” Imran said in an interview with Cricket Pakistan.

Players always play to win – Imran

The 41-year-old believes that although the crowd is an important factor of any sport, that does not undermine the competitiveness among players and hence even with empty stadiums, players will give their best.

“I believe it’s all about enjoying the game and keeping that competitive spirit alive. If we are able to do that, more often than not we will be able to enjoy the game, and so would the audience. Crowd or not crowd, players compete to win,” Imran added.

Further talking about his fitness, Imran said that he is fitter than ever before and can continue playing cricket.

“About fitness, well, I actually feel more fit than ever before. I am working well and if I play well and field well, I can continue for a few more seasons,” concluded Tahir.

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