There are three types of people in this world. Those who are trying to be successful. Those who are successful. Then comes the limited few who are above it all. You can call them maestros! They are those individuals who have struck the perfect balance between professional and private life and have found success in both of them. They are not people with tunnel vision. Our Swiss Maestro Roger Federer is one such individual.

The last Grand Slam of this Calendar Year, the 139th US Open, begins from 26th August. The entire tennis fraternity is focussing on the tournament. All but Roger Federer. He would not only be focussing on the US Open, but he would also have his family at the back of his mind. Now, due to his job which makes him travel to all parts of the world it, gives him much less time to spend with his family. This is why he often prefers to go to places which provide him some solitude. In his recent interview, he spoke about his love for the beaches. He stated the Maldives as his favourite destination.

Now, Maldives ‘is’ an awesome place to be. It has an aura of its own. That said, there are other beaches on earth which are spectacularly beautiful and provide lots of solitude as well. So, here are some seaside destinations which Roger Federer would love to visit along with his wife Mirka and their four kids –

1. Bora Bora – Located in the Pacific Ocean, this island is often described as a jewel of the Pacific Ocean. The turquoise waters surrounding the island, it’s green cover and the dormant volcano in the middle of it makes this place a paradise on earth. While over here Fedex and family can go for trekking, jeep safaris, boat rides, snorkeling or just chill and play on the white sandy beaches. They can do this while staying in a cottage perched on stilts above the ocean!

2. U.S. Virgin Islands – Located in the Caribbean Sea the U.S. Virgin Islands consist of 3 major islands—St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. These islands have a history of slavery and piracy and were ruled by the Danish until 1917 when the U.S. took over. These islands are popular for historical monuments related to the slavery era and the Danish period. The crystal blue waters and the beaches are also popular. The beaches in St John would be of special interest to Roger, Mirka and the kids as they are pretty secluded. The rum of St Thomas island is also pretty famous.

3. Swaraj Island ( formerly Havelock Island) – This gem of an island located in the Bay of Bengal. Surrounded by aquamarine waters and warm sandy beaches this island is an excellent destination for Roger, Mirka, and their kids. They can relax on one of the many beaches on the island like Radhanagar, Kala Patthar or the rocky Vijaynagar Beach! They can explore the corals around the island through glass-bottomed boats. Swaraj Island offers plenty of bird watching, jungle trekking, and camping oppurtunities. This is something which Roger and his family would enjoy knowing how much they like to trek!

4. Madeira – Located in the middle of the Atlantic the wine of this island is world-famous. Madeira isn’t a quintessential beach destination even though it offers azure waters, boat riding, and snorkeling oppurtunities. There is a very specific reason for me to choose this destination. I think this destination should appeal to the adventurous streak of Roger and Mirka Federer! Calheta Beach is a famous sandy beach here. What makes this island incredible is its soaring cliffs and rugged mountains. Eastern Madeira with peaks like Pico de Areiro provides excellent trekking oppurtunities! This destination has the power to show the Federer kids how large and diverse the world is!

5. Ko Samui – Considered to be one of the most gorgeous islands in the world Koh Samui is a destination that Federer family would not like to miss. The soft sandy beaches, the lush green islands make this island a delight to be in. True, the island is pretty touristy in nature with markets and all but everything over here is so Thai in flavour. While over here they can visit the Chaweng or Lamai beaches, Fisherman’s village, Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks, etc Koh Samui is a beautiful island with plenty on offer!

Our world is full of wonders. So, while we are entitled to have our choices they should not come in our way to explore the world further! Traveling and exploring with our families is the best way to bond. It also makes our kids understand the vastness of our planet and how small we are on the face of it. Somebody said it so appropriately, travel makes you humble and makes you realise how ephemeral our problems are!

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