Football is one of the most-watched sports and is one of the most followed ones by the youngsters. Strange things keep on happening every day.

Football is one of the most-watched sports and is one of the most followed ones by the youngsters. Strange things keep on happening every day. The amazing players keep on setting higher standards and reaching the landmarks set by their predecessors. Every match reveals some amazing facts which are unbelievable yet true in many ways. From players to the matches, every single thing reveals an untold story.

Let’s have a look at the 10 unbelievable facts in Football to date!

1) Mark Hughes – two matches, same day

Once Mark Hughes played two matches in the same day and made a record which no one else did. When he was just signed for Bayer, he was going to play against Czechoslovakia for Wales in Prague in Euro 1988 qualifier. He met Uli Hoeness at dinner who inquired about his match timings, once he got to know that it was midday, he settled the plan and decided to make him play football in the latter half of the day as well. Once the Wales match was over, Hoeness took a flight and accompanied him to the Brayen game which was on the other side of Czechoslovakia. Over there Brayen was playing against  Borussia Monchengladbach. During the flight, the first half was missed but managed to reach the ground in the second. Luckily the team won as well!

2) A. Martin and his hat-trick

Alvin Martin – the defender is known to have scored the hat-trick against three different goalkeepers when he was playing against New Castle in 1986 for West Ham. He scored the first goal to Martin Thomas – the actual keeper in the game but he received an injury so Chris Hedworth came as a goalkeeper. Alvin scored the second goal against him. He also got injured then Peter Beardsley stepped in and the third goal was scored. The West Ham won 8-1.

3) Clive Allen – the costliest teenager

Clive Allen scored 28 goals at QPR second division in 1979/1980 and once the season ended, he started the campaign at Palace. His highest goals made him quite popular and Arsenal paid him  £1.25m for Allen which made him the costliest football teenager in the summers. He also played 3 pre-season friendlies even before he was moved to Selhurst Park. In 1984, he joined Tottenham and scored 49 goals in the season that gave him remarkable success.

4. One Brayen player in all World Cup Finals

There is some sort of connection between the World Cup and Brayen players. Since 1982, there has always been a Brayen player in the starting order in all World Cup Finals to date. Germany has managed a great appearance in the finals of 1982, 1986, 1990, 2002 and 2014 along with players Jorginho in Brazil in 1994, Bixente Lizarazu in France in 1998, Willy Sagnol in France 2006) along with Arjen Robben in Netherlands 2010.

5) Aston Villas and Red Devils

When Alex Ferguson got over Manchester United, it is known that Aston Villa was far more successful in terms of honours than the Red Devils. Fergie, in 1986, took over Manchester United. This is when Aston had already won 7 League Titles, FA Cups, 3 League Cups along with the European Cup. talking about United, it wasn’t coming slowly either. It won around 7 titles. 6 FA Cups, 1 European and 1 Winners Cup. this makes 18-15 wins when counting the total number of major honours.

6) Biggest Lottery Win

The biggest football lottery win was for around £500,000. In 2001, Mick Gibbs who is a roofer from a well-known place – Staffordshire, won the huge amount over a bet of 30p on the odds of 1.6 million to one. This has been by far the biggest win in the world of Football Lottery. There are many other ways to place a bet and win the lottery over sports. You can opt for football bets and many different live sports bets such as on Tennis, Basketball, Cricket and many more at Lottoland. You can also place your bet online in a live match and see how things are progressing on the go.

7) László Kubala and three countries

László Kubala is the only player who has ever played for three different countries. He played for Hungary, Spain and Czechoslovakia.

8) Jimmy Rimmer and two medals

Jimmy Rimmer is known to be the only player who has ever won the European Cup Medal as the winner with 2 separate English clubs. He played for  Man United in 1968 and 1982 for Aston Villas.

9) Zlatan Ibrahimovic and six clubs

Zlatan Ibrahimovic played for Barcelona, Ajax, Milan, Inter, Man United and Juventus throughout his career.

10) Giuseppe Bergomi and World Cup

Giuseppe Bergomi is known to have played four World Cups but he never got a chance to appear in the qualifiers.

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