Host Qatar achieves unwanted World Record

by Asim Shamsi

The show is over already for the Qatar team, which was eliminated Friday from the World Cup.

Qatar lost 3-1 to Senegal for its second straight defeat at the World Cup.

Its exit was confirmed a few hours later when Netherlands and Ecuador drew 1-1 in the other Group A game.

Becoming the quickest host nation team to depart the tournament in the 92-year history of the World Cup, Qatar can’t qualify for the last 16.

The writing was on the wall from the very start for Qatar. The team may be the 2019 Asian champion, but it looked nervous.

Qatar at least scored this time, with a second-half header by substitute Mohammed Muntari.

Qatar had never qualified for the World Cup before FIFA's highly-contentious decision in 2010 to give it the tournament.

As Qatar rallied in the second half for a while, the white-robed Qatar supporters tried to get behind their team.

Qatar bows out against the Netherlands on Tuesday.