Liverpool has always been one of the most followed clubs in the world but sadly that backing of the fans have not been paid back in form of English Premier League trophy. Despite being a home to renowned stars, this club has failed to show impressive and continuous performance in the domestic league. The managerial changes, injuries to key players and the unavailability of better squad overall are some of the key reasons behind their continued failure in the top competition of the world. However, things have improved in the ongoing season under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp and they are looking like title contenders after years. The new manager has increased the confidence of players and they are playing with more freedom. But, the winning habit should continue to the very last match of the season and this is where Liverpool have lot of problems. No matter, what their fans think, the chances of Liverpool winning the title is pretty less and there are obvious reasons behind it.

Tiring of the players

If we look at all the Liverpool matches in the 2016-17, the players have played with full passion and energy. They have been fast and aggressive and this is what their manager want from them. Football is one game which can tire a player because of the physical demands. There is always a problem with this approach because with so much running, the players are bound to get burn out in the future matches. It is the business end of any tournament, where a real quality of a player is judged as most of the players are tired by then and those who are able to perform and stand are labeled as the star players. This could mean the end of Liverpool’s title credentials as the players have already or are investing their energy in the games in the English Premier League.

Less Impressive bench strength

Brazilian duo of Roberto Firmino and Coutinho and Sadio Mane have teamed up perfectly and are raking in goals at will. These three have been exceptional for the Merseyside so far and the rivals are unable to stop them. The trio is one of the main reasons why Liverpool has done well in the English Premier League till now. The winning percentage has increased and with its upward movement, the fans are getting excited, possibly thinking about the first title in the main domestic competition. However, a dip in form or an unfortunate injury could possibly act as a worrying point as there is no replacement available for these three on bench. Liverpool is one club which doesn’t have a great and competitive bench strength and this is where they are sure of landing short in the long run.

No plan B if plan A gets flop

We have seen over the years that managers change the position of the players to give them some rest and adjust them to rotation policy. This is only possible when the squad have versatile players who are ready to sacrifice their preferred position for the team. The top boss of the team always have two plans back of his mind to make things progressive. If Plan A is not executed properly by the players, the implementation of Plan B is a must to carry on the winning momentum. Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, doesn’t have Plan B for sure. He won’t be able to shift the original playing positions of the top players and they lack quality in different positions. This might disturb the free flow football of the team as somewhere down the line they would require some other strategy to carry on.

Fragile Defence

As discussed earlier, Liverpool is scoring lot of goals and is outscoring opponents with the help of cracking finishes. Wijnaldum and Lallana, the two midfield star players are providing easy go through balls to Sadio Mane, Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino, who are ensuring that the ball lands at the back of the net from different positions. It is always said that attacking mindset wins you a game while quality defence wins a trophy for the team. The experts have already stated that it won’t be possible for the goal scorers to continue their sublime form throughout the league phase and the defenders would have to come in somewhere down the line. Apart from Joel Matip, there is hardly any renowned defender in the team and it is one of the most concerned areas for the team and its manager.

Other team’s performance

Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal are performing reasonably well as well in the English Premier League and are the title contenders along with Liverpool. These teams are no pushovers and won’t make things easy for Liverpool. Moreover if we look at the overall squad, Liverpool have the weakest of the lot. Arsenal are performing superbly as they finally have the squad to bank upon. Manchester City was miserable in the last few games but have found their touch back under Pep Guardiola. The surprising element has been the performance of Chelsea who from nowhere is sitting at the top of the league. Antonio Conte, the new manager of the team, has worked behind the closed doors to bring back the winning attitude among the players. It is almost impossible for Liverpool to go pass these three and once again they might land outside the top three in the competition.

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