Formula One is not only about cars and the well maintained or built tracks but it has got more in terms of class. The drivers driving with full zeal and passion and the teammates helping them in changing the tyres and refueling are some of the breathing features of this sport. Let’s take a look at the points which have made us fall in love with this sport

The art of overtaking

The overtaking in formula one is the most difficult thing to do. It doesn’t come easily and has to be practice a lot. A formula one driver has to follow the guy in front lap after lap and then decide the moment where he can surge forward from his opponent. There are drivers who doesn’t allow to overtake easily as they believe in blocking the way, which makes moving forward almost impossible. The efforts of both the driver in front and the one behind are equally exciting. Apart from this, if a driver has a faster car in his hand, he can always pass through at the time of pit stops. This is one area which allows good drivers to move ahead of their opponents.

Drivers and their skills

The F1 is about drivers and their skill throughout the campaign. The race runs for hours and a driver can’t relax even for a second. A batsman can take a breather at the non-strike end while a footballer has a luxury of cooling himself down for few second but formula one is about concentration. A mistake can end the race or even result in career threatening injuries. A car running at 300 kmph is not easy to control as this requires lot of effort. Apart from this, driving is not fun during the course of a rainfall but F1 drivers don’t enjoy the luxury of stopping near buy corner. The participant is expected to improve his performance lap after lap in every race.

Correct use of technology

The Fans across the globe who follow F1 thinks that cars are automatic and a driver has to only handle steering but this not the case. He has to take each and every step correctly to avoid any sort of failure. The shifting of gears happens in a split of a second while cars can touch 100 kmph is just 2.6 seconds. The cars are made or modified with series of components and a driver has to learn about them.

Sound System

The sound which comes out the car is one of the reasons why fans love this sport. I know this could be irritating for few but the real followers enjoy this a lot. Although F1 engines have come down in terms of power over the years but the sound they generates still gives one a sign of relief.

Pit stop strategy

Another awesome thing about formula one is the pit stop. This is the area where drivers stop for refueling and change of other car components. The correct measures have to be followed as few more second here and there could result end of competition in terms of points. Moreover, the officials of a particular race follow everything closely and any false attempt could result in penalty.

Globalization of a sport

Formula One is the only sport which goes to every continent of the world. From Asia to Europe, South America to North America, the F1 has touched every boundary. Constant movement and travelling to different parts of the world make racing difficult for the drivers. They have to adjust to different time zones, weather conditions and living standards. They could be on an empty street one week followed by a crowded one in the other half of a month. The races are held on different kind of tracks with different views around. From an afternoon start to late finishes, F1 is all about never ending challenges.

It’s all about speed

No matter who says what, the speed trills and this is one reason why we all love formula one. It is quite extraordinary to do normal stuff at a breathtaking speed that too without committing mistakes. I know the various rule changes have packed back this sport a bit but the excitement level still remains.

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