Chris Gayle, the West Indies cricketer, is different from the current generation of players. He can dictate terms to any bowling unit on his day and stay quiet while he often parties when there is a failure on his part. He has carried the legacy of former West Indies cricketers, who were full of colors and entertainment. In an age where a sound technique is must, Gayle has defied all the odds and has stunned bowlers with his sublime strokes all over the ground. Let’s take a look at the points which makes him unique in today’s cricketing world.

Great Human Being

It is a common phenomenon that cricketers tend to go wayward when they achieve something big. Virat Kohli, the Indian captain, is the perfect example of this. He has been found on the wrong side on couple of occasions. There are other cricketers as well like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar, who are down to earth but their star status has kept them away from Mango people. However, if you look at Chris Gayle, his personality could stump anyone but the softness he carries in his heart is beyond any explanation. The left hand batsman is always among his fans no matter how bad are they as this inspires him to go for the best while playing. We have seen him partying, singing and dancing with fans across the globe.

Running is not his cup of tea

Singles and doubles are very important part of any format as this helps in keeping the scoreboard ticking and eases of the pressure at times. However, the rules are different for the gigantic West Indies player. Don’t call him for singles as this could lead to laughable run-out. This mistake was committed by Marlon Samuels in one of the World Cup matches against India and he had to pay the price in form of his wicket. Even, if there is an opportunity for a double or triple, Gayle likes to jog down to other end of the wicket. He has a philosophy of stand and deliver and this is what he is doing since the start of his international career. The former West Indies captain has scored more than fifty percent of his international runs through boundaries, which shows his high percentage of fours and sixes.

Celebration is must

Going down on knees or breaking into dance moves are Chris Gayle’s signature styles when it comes to celebrating positive on-field happenings. He is one player, who hardly shy’s away from showing his emotions and this is what makes him different. Infact, cricketers from his own team and other contingents have copied him in the recent past. The T20 World Cup win in 2012 was written all over his Gangnam style moves while he celebrated like a kid when his team defeated Australia in one of the games of the T20 World Cup in 2014. He has a tendency of coming up with something new every time his team takes a wicket or they secure a famous win.

Party animal

The latest edition of the World Cup was the perfect example of his party habits. From the day he landed in Australia, his party was on. The other teams were busy in thinking about their matches but when you are Chris Gayle, who cares about this. From visiting casinos to singing in various parts of Australia and New Zealand, there was no end to Chris Gayle’s enjoyment during the big event. Apart from this, the Indian Premier League parties are not complete without his participation. His presence is enough to hit the tempo on the right note. He had partied with cricketers, footballers, models and Bollywood star which has given him a tag of party animal. However, this has led to some unwanted controversies as well. The T20 World Cup in 2012 saw its off-field controversy because of Chris Gayle. The three British ‘female guests’, who were partying in West Indies’ star batsman Chris Gayle’s room, were arrested by the Sri Lankan police. The West Indian team was staying at the luxury Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo. Gayle was reportedly letting his hair down with teammates Andre Russell, Fidel Edwards and Dwayne Smith, when the policemen ‘busted’ the party. Sources said the police were called after the West Indian players declined to sign in the women as guests after a night out. The West Indies team management later apologized for the incident. Any other cricketer would have stopped partying after such incident but Gayle has continued his style despite landing into the soup.

Rebelling is cool

Apart from any player, there is hardly any cricketer who has taken on his national board one numerous occasions. In 2005 Gayle was involved in the dispute between the West Indies Cricket Board and a number of players over sponsorship issues. He also publicly criticized the West Indies Cricket Board during the 2007 tour of England, which led to an official reprimand and warning. In April 2011 Chris Gayle criticized the West Indies Cricket Board and coach Ottis Gibson and did not play for the team for more than a year. The tall Jamaican came heavily against his cricket board when Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard were not selected for the last edition of the World Cup. For him, rebelling is cool.

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