For all those who grew up in the noughties, the partnership between Sourav Ganguly and John Wright will always remain special. India had a glorious run with both at the helm. Now, they have reunited albeit in the role of commentators in the ongoing 2019 World Cup.

In a video posted on the official Twitter handle of the Cricket World Cup, the duo remembered the good old times.

Sourav Ganguly heaped high praise on India’s former coach, John Wright. “He was more of a friend than a coach to me,” said ex-Indian skipper.

“I met him first time in Kent, when Rahul (Dravid) came in and said he’s our coach. I said, ‘I’d love to work with him’. We have a great relationship, we’re genuine friends,” said Ganguly.

“We had gone to New Zealand and had got thrashed by a club team before the World Cup. But we went on to have a great campaign, and he was responsible for it,” he added.

Wright, who was India’s first foreign coach, said, “I always thought it was the greatest privilege to have the opportunity to work in India.

“I never expected it. It was a hard start, for both of us. You were a new captain and I was the foreign coach. You remember the good times,” he added.

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