R Ashwin bowled really well in the first innings of the ongoing Test match against Bangladesh. However, he had to face a tricky situation when he was told to attend a presser after the first day’s play. The off-spinner was asked one of the questions in Hindi which made him uncomfortable considering he hails from Southern part of India.

Ashwin, who is known for his witty nature, revealed that he is working hard on improving his Hindi-speaking skills but the question was difficult to handle.

The reporter asked him a lengthy question, which made Ashwin confused.

The journalist asked, “What is the behavior of the new and old pink balls during practice session so far and will the pink ball see an increase in the ratio of outright results?

Ashwin was seen scratching his head before congratulating the person for his impeccable Hindi.

“With a lot of hard work, I actually managed to start speaking in Hindi. Over the years, my Hindi has gotten better, but I have not heard a question in such “clean and pure” Hindi! So, congrats to you for that. I am actually still thinking what the question was”.

He continued saying, “Having said that, I think the next Test, the pink-ball game, is a great welcoming sign. As a Test-playing country, it was necessary for India since people who miss cricket because of work will come and watch.

“Obviously with the pink ball, there are potentially more challenges. The ball will have more lacquer and will move more in the next match. Personally I think it’s the right direction we’ve taken, hopefully, the Test match will be a historic moment and the start of many more to come”.

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