Virat Kohli, who met Roger Federer at the Australian Open, was amazed to know that Swiss maestro remembered him. In an interview with, Kohli reflected on his meeting with the greatest player in the history of tennis.

“Well, amazing, I have met him (Federer) a couple of times earlier as well. He told me that he met me in Sydney a few years back. The fact that he remembered was like – wow! He told me that he met me in Sydney few years back when he played an exhibition game,” Kohli said.

The Indian skipper disclosed what discussion they had during their meeting. “For me, I mean, I can’t explain that feeling. I have seen him play since I was a child and he’s a great, great man not just a great tennis player. And he kept asking questions, I was like he’s asking me questions? I could speak to him about mindset, how he prepares, what he thinks about his sport,” said Kohli.

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