Shane Warne is a big fan of Virat Kohli. The legendary Australian cricketer makes no bones about it. He has applauded the Indian cricket captain over the years and Kohli is one of his favorite Indian cricketers since Sachin Tendulkar, whom Warne respects a lot be it as a cricketer or a friend in personal life.

Warne has now said that for him, Virat Kohli is the “best” batsman in the world and has even overtaken Viv Richards. “I think Virat is the best batsman in the world. I think if I had to pick one batsman across all formats, it would have to be Virat. Viv Richards was the greatest batsman I saw in ODI cricket and in all cricket probably. But Virat is now the greatest ODI player that we have seen. He overtakes Viv for me,” Warne was quoted as saying by Times Now.

Shane Warne also revealed his choice between Steve Smith and Virat Kohli in Test cricket. Despite his fandom for Kohli, he chose the world’s no.1 ranked Test batsman, Smith as the better player in the longer version of the game.

“As far as Test cricket goes, I would probably say it is a really tough one between Virat and Smith. But I think if I had to pick one batsman in Test cricket, it would be Smith, but if I lost that and had Virat, I would still be happy because he is a legend,” said Warne.

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