Virat Kohli has been one of the world’s most versatile and creative batsmen. When consistency is added to his these tributes, it becomes a deadly trio that no opposition would like to face. Prior to the pandemic that has set everything wrong, Virat’s form got dipped a little and people started worrying.

However, Kohli has done a lot his career. A master of all the formats has shone like none other when it comes to the 50-over set up.

He has amassed 11867 runs in the 248 matches at an outstanding average of 59.33, while his 43 centuries are second only to the great Sachin Tendulkar. With such stats, it’s only fair to say that Kohli’s career has been nothing but blissful.

Tormenting oppositions over the years

Over the 12 years, Virat Kohli has shown how a batsman could get the better of not just one team but almost all the teams he plays against. Among the top teams that Kohli has played at least 10 matches against, West Indies have been hammered badly by the master.

Kohli has scored 2235 career runs against the Windies, the most by a batsman in ODIs. His average of 72.10 against the Caribbean is only second to that of his against Bangladesh. Among the major cricketing nations, he has scored the least runs against Pakistan, but that is primarily because he has played only 13 matches against them.

1910 runs against Australia in 40 matches, 680 against Bangladesh in 12, 1178 against England in 30 matches, 1378 against New Zealand in 26, 536 runs against the arch-rivals Pakistan in 13 games, 1287 against the Proteas and 2220 versus Sri Lanka. This is the breakdown of all runs scored by Kohli against the major opponents.

The dasher from Delhi also has a stupendous average against all countries. While he averages the best against Bangladesh (75.55), he has been least consistent against England at an average of 45.3, which in itself is considered a very respectable average in ODI cricket. Other than England, Pakistan is the only opposition against whom Kohli has an average of less than 50 (48.73).

When it comes to scoring centuries, the Indian maestro has favored the islanders once again. Nine ODI centuries, the most against any country has come against the West Indies. Apart from it, Kohli has also favored the Australian and Sri Lankan bowlers as he has eight centuries each against these countries. He has been least productive against Pakistan in terms of the number of centuries.

Mr. Consistent: The wrath of the bat never stopped

Virat Kohli is the only man apart from Sachin Tendulkar to hit 1000 or more runs in a calendar year seven times. While Sachin did it in his 24 years of career, the greatness and consistency of Kohli can be gauged from the fact that he has done it in half the time than Sachin- just 12 years.

If you take out 2010 and 2011, then in the rest of the years, Kohli has scored at an average above 50, which is breathtaking by any standard.

Kohli has scored the most runs in a calendar year in 2017, with 1460 runs coming from his blade while he had the best average in the year 2018 when he scored 1202 runs at an average of 133.56.

In terms of the scoring century, the most for the Indian captain has been six in a year. He smashed six centuries each in 2017 and 2018.

The chase master

Virat Kohli has been so amazing while chasing targets that he has been nicknamed as the ‘Chase Master’. Virat has scored 7039 of his total runs while chasing, which is almost 60% of the total runs he has scored.

His proficiency while chasing is even more evident by his average of 68.33. Even in terms of centuries, 26 of the 43 hundreds scored by Kohli have come in run chases. His highest individual score of 183 also came while chasing. He has remained not out 31 times while chasing, but while batting first, it’s just eight times.

Home or Away! It doesn’t really matter

They say if you are a true batsman, no venue should matter, whether home or away. Similar is the case with Kohli as he has more runs away from home (including neutral venues) than at home. While he has scored 4865 runs at home venues, 7002 of his runs have come at venues outside India.

In terms of averages, Kohli averages just a little more at home (60.81) than away (58.35). While 19 of his centuries have come at home, 24 are away from it.

The winning mentality

Virat is such a player that if he goes out in the middle, no matter which is the opposition, his only aim is to win and that’s evident in his fielding, attitude and most importantly, batting. Kohli has scored a whopping 72% of his runs in matches won by India. While he has scored 202 runs in the 5 matches that ended in a tie, 90 runs have come in a few matches that ended without a result.

His average of 77.37 in winning matches and the fact that 35 of his 43 centuries (most by any batsman in a winning cause) have come in Indian victories only cement the belief that if Kohli plays through, no one can stop India from winning.

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