Sunil Narine is Kolkata Knight Riders’ best bet in the Indian Premier League. Despite remodeled bowling action, he has taken a lot of wickets for his IPL franchise.

They will be banking on their star spinner to get them wickets in the upcoming season of the cash rich league. According to KKR bowling coach Carl Crowe, Narine is working on hiding the ball from batsmen to keep the mystery intact.

“With so much analysis, we are aware of that (the mystery being solved). His action changed slightly since last year in terms of hiding the ball,” Crowe said ahead of the team’s practice session at the Eden Gardens.

“We are working on him in terms of staying ahead of batsmen. After IPL, we have plans for next year with mystery ball, hiding the ball. We are one step ahead of them and are looking at new ways to hide (the ball) and make sure batsmen don’t pick up,” he added.

Narine will play in the IPL after recovering from a finger injury that made him miss the Pakistan Super League.

“He is in good shape. He didn’t play the PSL due to a finger injury. His performance has always been of high quality. His batting is now part of his game as well. But when you modify your action and be able to maintain the standard, which he has done, credit should go to him,” Crowe added.

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