Allan Donald was one of the most fierce bowlers of his times. He was not just hostile with the ball in hand but savage with his words as well. Known as “White Lightning,” Donald once rubbed India’s legendary batsman Rahul Dravid the wrong way. He brutally sledged Dravid, who was never the kind of guy to retaliate back in one of the Tests in 1997.

Now, he regrets the incident. “My sledging of Rahul Dravid in 1997 was way over the top. The way I said what I did to Dravid was definitely not on but I was willing to do something that might bring me a wicket. Two overs later, we got him out and eventually won that ODI final against India in Durban,” Donald recalled the incident while talking to Sport24.

“Post-match, I went up to Rahul who obviously didn’t want to speak to me, and of course the Indian team wasn’t happy with me, but down the line we managed to sort it out. Looking back at it now, I reckon the match referee would have given me a year off from cricket. I said all sorts to Dravid and there was a fair amount of swearing involved. That is probably the worst moment I have ever been involved in,” the former paceman added.

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