Another well-wisher of Dada, Shoaib Akhtar, the former fast bowler of Pakistan, came out applauding the Indian cricket board for cherry-picking the best- Sourav Ganguly as the new BCCI chief. While appraising he pointed out that Ganguly has an eye to pick the fresh talent who can win matches for India, like the former skipper turned PM of Pakistan used to do for his team. He (Akhtar) is confident that, BCCI- under the former Indian captain Ganguly’s leadership would create a difference in the world of cricket as India have a powerful and decisive role in International Cricket Council (ICC).

On Tuesday, Akhtar,44 said on his YouTube channel, “ The common trait between him [Ganguly] and Imran Khan was that he used to believe in new talent and secondly he got an eye to pick the talent that would play for India. This was something that Imran Khan used to do, as the talent he picked used to win matches for Pakistan.”

While recalling the old days, he praised Ganguly on the way he transformed the Indian team after becoming the captain and got the right system and players in the team to beat tough teams in the world. It was Ganguly who picked the players who impacted the performance of Team India, like- Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan.

“One person that transformed Indian cricket was Saurav Ganguly, never felt before 97-98 that India could beat Pakistan. I never felt that India had the system to beat Pakistan until Saurav Ganguly became the captain. Saurav Ganguly changed the mentality of Indian cricket,” says Akhtar.

The speedster also known as “The Rawalpindi Express” does not stop here and hails the cricketing knowledge of the new boss of BCCI Sourav Ganguly and is sure that he will certainly bring a lot of positive changes in the world of cricket.

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