Ever since the Pulwama terror attack, the hostility between South Asian neighbors- India and Pakistan is on the rise. There have even been suggestions that India should refuse to play Pakistan in the 2019 Cricket World Cup that will commence from May 30 in England and Wales. 

Harbhajan Singh had opined that the Men in Blue should not play the Men in Green in the ICC megaevent. And now Ex-BCCI secretary, Sanjay Patel has also said that country is bigger than any sport and India should not play Pakistan in the World Cup. 

“How can you expect India to play Pakistan at the time we have lost so many of our brothers in these cowardly terrorist attack. I am of the firm view that India should not play Pakistan in the coming World Cup,” former BCCI secretary Patel was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

“If we play the World Cup, then it’s clear that game is bigger than the country’s image. For me, India is first and it’s not only me who has such a sentiment. Ask any Indian now, and they will be of the same view. Cricket will only take place if terrorism is stopped. I hope the current COA and BCCI takes note of it. There is always a limit to everything and this time all limits have been crossed.

“During the recent India-Pakistan board dispute, my stand was clear that we should not pay a single penny to PCB. The moment India withdraws from an ICC event, the World Cup will start falling. For me, human life is more important than sport,” Patel added.

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