India and Pakistan have not indulged in a bilateral series in Pakistan post the 2008 terrorist attack which stunned Mumbai.

Since then, the Indian team hasn’t put a foot pn the Pakistani soil and the Pakistan players haven’t been able to take part in the IPL since its inaugural season.

The officials have made it crystal clear that the neighbouring countries won’t indulge in engagements until political tensions are not sorted out.

Having said that, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Wasim Khan has made a huge announcement. He said that playing India doesn’t bother anyone associated with Pakistan Cricket.

Wasim made it clear that the Pakistan cricket is trying hard to be on its own and become self-sustainable.

“My message to the fans and followers of Pakistan cricket is that we have achieved a lot so far and there is still a long road ahead, but Pakistan cricket has a lot to look forward to without worrying about playing India [in a bilateral series],” Wasim Khan told in an interview.

Khan added that considering the current scenario, BCCI has to take the approval of the Indian government to tour Pakistan. He further made it clear that India playing in Pakistan is just not possible, as long as the current regime is in power.

“The BCCI has to take the government of India’s permission before they play Pakistan, and that’s undeniable. So, based on that and the current regime in power, their outlook on life and their views involving Pakistan, it is highly unlikely that in the near future India will play in Pakistan,” he added.

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