Ranveer Singh was at his hilarious best during India-Pakistan World Cup match at Old Trafford. However, his praise for Hardik Pandya has brushed Paul Heyman in the wrong way. He has been threatened by Paul Heyman for using Brock Lesnar’s catchphrase.

“Eat. Sleep. Dominate. Repeat. The name is Hardik. Hardik Pandya. @hardikpandya7 ma boi #unstoppable,” captioned Ranveer while posting an image with Hardik.

Heyman has used the catchphrase “Eat Sleep CONQUER Repeat” for his client Lesnar. He was not happy with Ranveer using the phrase and reminded him that he might land in trouble for his post.

“@RanveerOfficial ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME??????????? 1 – It’s Eat Sleep CONQUER Repeat 2 – Copyright #YourHumbleAdvocate and @BrockLesnar 3 – I am litigious 4 – EAT SLEEP DEPOSITION REPEAT,” said Heyman.

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